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Integral Acoustic


We carry out turnkey projects acoustic insulation and acoustic for different business types, are specialists in the field of Acoustics and Industrial Noise Control , always seeking the best technical solution for each case. We all kind of reforms Coatings and Interior Division with plasterboard and Plasterboard.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Measures of noise and vibration to identify sound sources.
  • noise measures for the protection of workers (RD 1316/89)
  • Engineering. Solution design and previous proposals. Drafts.
  • Simulations for predicting solutions in industrial activity
  • Design enclosures and speakers, passive silencers, acoustic doors, cutting systems via structural and impact-absorbing acoustic treatments.
  • Design of acoustic conditioning of unique venues (conference rooms, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums …)
  • Design acoustic lining systems and internal division (partitions, false ceilings, wall linings …)
  • Design of absorption and airborne sound insulation of noisy activities (Gyms, Dance Schools, pubs, restaurants …)
  • Design of thermal-acoustic treatment equipment.
  • Manufacture and installation of design done.
  • Acoustic level measurements obtained.
  • Certificates of compliance with regulations.


The customer can request services from us as it sees fit, and therefore able to enter the stage of the process you want:

  • Provision of material without installation
  • Project design for future implementation.
  • Measurements for certification of facilities already in place.

Sercivios comprehensive acoustics. Sound insulation and ailamientos.

Sercivios Industrial Acoustics. Conditioning and acoustic ailamientos.

Projects acoustic and acoustic materials sales. soundproofing and acoustic ailamientos.