division de interiores y revestimientos acústicos

Interior Division


Coatings and interior division with plasterboard and plasterboard. We create spaces adapted to your needs using the best materials and techniques on the market resulting from comfortable places acoustically adapted to the limitations of the space.

partitions, wall linings, ceilings, shelves etc …

The interior and exterior walls improve its completion thanks to the tiles . There is diversity and sophistication available today on the market for the finished vertical surfaces resulting high quality. You have to understand modern surface coating and functional additions of indoor and outdoor environments.

In our interior division seek to adapt the space by applying certain elements and standards, functional techniques, aesthetics, environmental, psychosocial, sensory, economic and legal. To achieve this, the arrangement and description of the place porteriormente making a deep analysis work is analyzed.

The plasterboard or PYL ( plasterboard, the official generic name) is a construction material used for the execution of interior walls and ceiling linings, walls. It is often used in the form of plates, panels or industrial boards. Is a plasterboard between two layers of cardboard, so that its components are generally gypsum and cellulose advantage of good compressive strength plaster with good bending strength that gives the sandwich board.


Interior Division with plasterboard panels and plasterboard. Coating for interior spaces acoustically condition.