Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning

aislamientos acusticos

Acoustic insulation


European Acoustics offers Acoustic insulation for different types of local restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinemas, theaters, machines, houses, auditoriums, gymnasiums, dance schools, rehearsal rooms etc …

This sector includes performing Noise Insulation Project for different business activities that promote high noise impact:

  • soundproofing cinemas, dance halls and /or concerts
  • Adaptation Acoustic Gyms, Dance Schools
  • Making Test benches for acoustic industry
  • Sound insulation of restaurants, banquet halls, discotheques, pubs …

Finally, we found a case in which the need for sound insulation and soundproofing is compliance with regulations relating to noise is not transmitted by air, but structural. That is, by direct contact between walls of adjacent premises.

Here the objective of acoustic insulation to deal with is not so much the source of noise as the room that houses it, within which it is assumed that the noise will not be trouble. < /p>

Therefore, in this type of action we can find solutions such as:

  • Floating facings. Partitions and Tradosado
  • Floor cushions. Treatment insulation and impact noise.
  • Floating Roof.
  • Benches of inertia.

Acoustic Acondicionamientos

Our company is ranked as one of the leading companies in the Acondicionamientos Acoustic for different types of premises, housing building sector: restaurants, bars, discos, cinemas, acoustics of theaters, concert halls, fitness rooms, dance schools, rehearsal rooms etc …

sound conditioning

This sector includes the implementation of Acoustic Projects Acondicionamientos for different types of businesses that need to adapt to certain sound and hearing requirements:

  • Acoustic Adaptation of conference and training centers
  • Acoustic Acondicionamientos of auditoriums, theaters and /or audiovisual reproduction Meeting
  • Building. Large spaces
  • Acoustic Projects for Restaurants, banquet …

«Acoustic Conditioning» is a case in which the objective is not so much compliance with rules such as to generate a comfort, sound quality within a space. The concept changes because it is a condition acoustic space is a treatment whose results are seen into the treaty, instead of outward as in the previous cases space. Join then the aesthetic factor.

The Acoustic Conditioning and Sound is a foundation settled on the basis of the architectural acoustics , which come to form an important part concepts like:

  • Control reverberation time
  • Control Indices Inteligibildad
  • Control of delays and /or reflections
  • Sound Field Uniformity

Therefore, in this type of action we offer our service under Acoustic Conditioning and Sound we can find solutions such as:

  • absorbing wall and ceiling treatments
  • diffusers and Resonators
  • Decorative coatings
  • elements in absorbent suspension.